"It was the desire for food that spawned disobedience; it was the pleasure of taste that drove us from paradise." Abbot Nilus (d430)

However big the portion is you're never satisfied, are you?
So what is there to do but to stop eating altogether...

Slender was an encounter between strangers, set in a kitchen, about a man starving himself to death; an exploration of what happens when your body isn't sure whether your soul exists...


Devised by the company

Direction:  Sarah Levinsky and Wendy Hubbard

Performers: Rachel Donovan, Tom Lyall, Hilda Eusebio, Caroline Pegg and Claire Little

Design:  Mamoru Iriguchi

Lighting design:  Ben Pacey

Sound design:  Lewis Gibson

Following initial development at the National Theatre Studio and BAC, Mapping4D presented performances of Slender at the Diorama Arts Centre during September 2005 and at BAC in January 2006.

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